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Dr. Lin



Welcome to Marulin!

Originally, I started Marulin in London to share the teas from my family farm, our co-operative and our farming friends in Taiwan with the world. After four generations of tea farming, we have become specialists in Taiwanese Oolong tea and have developed relationships lasting generations with other farmers. Some of our teas come directly from my uncle, who is a artisanal tea maker and manages tea orchards in our village. Other teas have been curated by my aunt, who teaches tea ceremony in Kaohsiung and grew up on a tea farm in the high mountains of Alishan. I grew up drinking Four Seasons and Chin Shin Oolong tea from our farms. A recent favourite tea of mine are black teas made from the Red Ruby cultivar. I now teach for the Taiwanese Mastercourse for the UK Tea Academy under the direction of Jane Pettigrew, BEM.

Our most recent development for the company has been blending oolong teas in tea bags and creating new tea powders that go beyond matcha. mr. tim and I are avid collectors of rare craft teas, oolongs, and teapots. The rest of our team are UK Tea Academy Tea Sommeliers.

We hope you enjoy our tea!